4 Simple Steps To Building A Dynamic Social Media Strategy

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Social media marketing is all the rage in marketing, but social media platforms now number in the hundreds. So, what’s a small business owner to do? If you’re strapped for cash or just ready to get it over with already, the good news is that it’s quite possible to DIY a dynamic social media strategy without a degree in technology. You’ve just go to give it time, energy, and the old college try with these four simple steps: Feed [...]

7 Important Rules of Conduct When Using Google+

In just a few short years Google+ has grown to be the second most used social networking site in the world. This fact won’t surprise those who use it; it’s easy to get the hang of, intuitive, powerful, and entertaining. It was designed to integrate flawlessly with all other Google services (Google Docs, Gmail, Android, etc.), includes improved privacy features, and has more natural ways to manage relationship circles (you won’t find any ‘friend requests’ here). Perhaps best of [...]

Two Surprising Keys to Build Trust and Drive Sales Through Social Media

In a world where information continues to explode, people still trust people. In fact, research from Edelman and Nielsen continue to show that people are more likely to trust information from an organization’s employee or from someone they perceive to be like themselves, than from an organization’s official communicators, web site or sponsored content.   If your content marketing plans do not include some level of empowering employees to publish in social media, you may be missing a huge [...]

B2B Social Media: Building a Cohesive Strategy

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Social media strategy for B2Bs doesn’t start or stop with just having a Facebook or Twitter account. Real business strategy executed through social can pay dividends beyond just the engagement factor, to business, brand, and human impact. This was the topic of the B2B social media strategy session at SES San Francisco 2013. B2B Versus B2C Versus Humans Relationships are between people and not businesses, said session speaker Rebecca Tann ( @rebeccatann ) of Regus. So humanize your brand, [...]

The Human Side Of B2B Social Media: Eight Benefits Of Social Media Marketing


As more businesses launch successful social media campaigns, it’s becoming clear that opting out of the social revolution can put companies at a competitive disadvantage. Social media offers the immediacy and interactivity consumers want and anticipate.  It can intensify customer engagement, drive quality leads and produce higher ROI. Consumer brands understand just how essential and effective social media marketing can be. Procter & Gamble, for instance, is now spending more than a third of their $9.5 billion marketing budget [...]

The Backbone of Link Building: Outreach Strategies

Link building has become a vital part of any SEO strategy. The influence that links have on rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs) continues to be significant–so an effective link building campaign remains important. Many different factors go into a successful link building campaign, but even a campaign that features some of the best content ever created will never get off the ground without great outreach. Outreach is the foundation of an effective link building project. You [...]

4 Ways to Succeed With Your Pinterest Brand Page

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Pinterest has been on our social media consciousness radar for about 18 months when it started to gain traction. According to a recent study, Pinterest is now used by 15% of USA web users. To put this in perspective, Twitter usage is only 1% higher at 16 percent. Pinterest recently launched pages for business , which include the new terms of service, allowing you to use Pinterest commercially. If you haven’t yet converted your business profile into a business page, you [...]

The Rising Influence of Social Media (Infographic)


Social-Media-Marketing-Horse-Race2Popular Today in Social: All Popular Articles Social media is not a flash in the pan.  It is a big deal and has become so integral to modern life.  Many prospects may not even take a company seriously, if it does not have a presence on Facebook and Twitter.  Organizations that ignore  social media marketing  do so at their own peril.  Most major corporations have a presence on some, if not all, of the major social networks— Facebook , Twitter [...]

10 Twitter Tips For Your Social Media Marketing


10_Twitter_Tips_For_Your_Social_Media_MarketingTwitter is one of the best social media networks and strategies that you can use to further your business. You just need to know the ins and outs of using this wonderful tool so that you can gain more targeted visitors. Keep reading to learn more about the top ten Twitter tips for your social media marketing plans and efforts. One of the main things you have to do is to make sure that information you’re sharing with your [...]

Leverage Twitter’s Influence To Work For Your Brand


twitter-will-increase-stock-price-for-workA recent BazaarVoice study  –one that analyzed conversations across 26 million tweets, 8,000 radio and TV mentions, 17 months of stock data, over 18 months of Google query data, and 270,000 user generated reviews for the same 13 brands – found that stock prices move upwards with Twitter mentions. Crazy, right. Crazier still is that the correlation is only with respect to positive mentions , the correlation did not hold up between negative brand mentions falling stock prices. Which is [...]