Designing Your Content Plan to Speak to the C-Suite


content-plan-c-suite-salesc-suite sales The elusive C-suite sale. Marketers spend large amounts of time and energy digging deep into their demand generation toolkits to access executives and try to get them to buy, only to find themselves facing silence, disinterest or, at best, a pass-off to their team. But for large-scale B2B sales in particular, it’s critical to create a content plan and engagement strategy to break through to this lucrative and powerful buyer.  The executive challenge revisited First, let’s go [...]

Your Content Marketing Needs A Strategy

Yes – Your Content Marketing Needs a Strategy! You may have heard the news… content is king ! Oh wait, that isn’t really news is it?  So why all the hustle and bustle around content these days?  A couple of hard pressing reasons including 1) your customers demand it, 2) it is an essential part of your brand experience, and 3) it can be one of the most effective tools in your arsenal to build brand loyalty. Creating content [...]

Content Planning: Time Your Content & Organize By Topic

Playing “catch up” with your content usually results in content that lacks focus, repeats what’s already been said, and engages no one. Content planning requires scheduling by time and topic. Here are some ways to avoid catch up content and produce something truly worthy of your company. Do Your Research Read through industry association newsletters, news sites, competitor sites, forums and blog posts. Focus on the questions being asked. In a post published on Fast Company’s Co.Exist page these [...]

5 Easy Steps To Build An Effective Social Media Content Strategy

By now you’ve already read my Facebook  and Local Twitter Power Guides. These guides and the associated Social Media courses should give you a sense that it’s important to implement a solid content strategy for your online business.  You’ve probably gone digging, trying to understand exactly what a content strategy is, and how to get the right pieces in place. Not so easy! You’ve scoured the Internet for answers and have probably come back more confused than before you started.  A content strategy [...]

Social Media and Search Marketing Blog


g-business“Make your business social.” Google+ urges businesses to create a page on their site by offering beneficial insight into search (SEO) and social. With over one million brands signing up in the first six months, Google+ now has 500 million total users and over 135 million active users. What exactly does the search and social marketing hybrid bring to the virtual table? To begin with, G+ has the entirety of the number one search engine behind it, meaning your [...]

The Year B2B Manufacturers Need to Get Real About Social Media


120623496-277x300For business-to-business (B2B) marketers, 2013 could be the best year ever, or just another one of barely getting by. Just hitting the metrics on scorecards and dashboards or really making an impact on the businesses they are responsible for.  In 2013, prospects are more selective than ever with their time.  They expect so much more than just a data sheet or a series of choreographed PDFs to each of their stages of the buying process.  They want to know that [...]

Change: are the train cars properly hitched? (or: can the boss change on his own?)


dessin-final-plaquettepsd1-1024x860Corporate change is a complex adventure, one in which the human factor plays a major role… as always. But do collaborators receive all the attention they deserve, so that they might become the catalysts of this change? Caught in the complexity of organisational and technological choices, in the development of processes with cohorts of consultants, pressured by impatient Top Management, shoved around by all the limitations placed on him, worried about time fleeing by, the manager struggles in the [...]

You Don’t Need a Facebook Strategy (You Need a Content Strategy)


fb-graph-searchOver the past few years marketers have invested a lot of time, energy and money into their Facebook strategies. So it’s understandable that they get frustrated when Facebook switches things up with a new feature such as Graph Search, the social search function it introduced earlier this year. The unintended consequence of Facebook’s constant tinkering may be that more marketers and communicators are embracing the idea that they need  a Facebook strategy. Because developing a strategy for any single platform is a waste of resources [...]

Creative Content Marketing – Quality Content, Real Value


creative_contentCreative content strategy is all about producing amazing content for your website. Where old SEO used to be focused on using techniques and shortcuts to get a site on the front page of Google, modern SEO is about providing real value. And Strategy Internet Marketing is at the head of the pack. With our vast team bursting with creativity, you can rely on us to produce high quality content that’s not just brilliantly designed but provides actual value to [...]

Your Business Can’t Afford Not to “Tweet”


twitter-follow-achieverSix years ago if you asked someone to “follow” you, it was most likely because you were leading them to their table at a restaurant. Thanks to Twitter, “Following” someone is as easy as clicking on their name, and you get 140-character or less updates about them daily…or by the hour…or seemingly by the minute. “Twitter can be a divisive thing—I know many people who tell me they they just don’t get it,” says Marnie Goldberg , Social Medium [...]