4 Simple Steps To Building A Dynamic Social Media Strategy

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Social media marketing is all the rage in marketing, but social media platforms now number in the hundreds. So, what’s a small business owner to do? If you’re strapped for cash or just ready to get it over with already, the good news is that it’s quite possible to DIY a dynamic social media strategy without a degree in technology. You’ve just go to give it time, energy, and the old college try with these four simple steps: Feed [...]

The Human Side Of B2B Social Media: Eight Benefits Of Social Media Marketing


As more businesses launch successful social media campaigns, it’s becoming clear that opting out of the social revolution can put companies at a competitive disadvantage. Social media offers the immediacy and interactivity consumers want and anticipate.  It can intensify customer engagement, drive quality leads and produce higher ROI. Consumer brands understand just how essential and effective social media marketing can be. Procter & Gamble, for instance, is now spending more than a third of their $9.5 billion marketing budget [...]

The Rising Influence of Social Media (Infographic)


Social-Media-Marketing-Horse-Race2Popular Today in Social: All Popular Articles Social media is not a flash in the pan.  It is a big deal and has become so integral to modern life.  Many prospects may not even take a company seriously, if it does not have a presence on Facebook and Twitter.  Organizations that ignore  social media marketing  do so at their own peril.  Most major corporations have a presence on some, if not all, of the major social networks— Facebook , Twitter [...]

Something Has Changed At LinkedIn


linkedin-ecosystem-600x566If you were to invoke fairy tales in the world of social media, you might compare LinkedIn to Cinderella. While the step-sisters Facebook and Google Plus have been preparing for the Prince’s big party, LinkedIn has been quietly going about an incredible overhaul of its system and is building up a larger and larger user base. Many business owners and marketers are still thinking about LinkedIn as it was a year ago – a nice place to get a backlink for the [...]

How To Cultivate A Social Community To Add Customer Value


community-building-300x200How do you use a social community to that is valued by customers and adds customer value? It’s simple, great content and valued engagement that connects with each customer touch point in the customer’s buying process or brand relationship. Within SAP and my North American responsibilities, we want to help our prospects, customers and all other parts of the SAP ecosystem to be more impactful and successful at their job, whether it’s being a HANA expert or eventually needing [...]

How To Use Social Media For Your Tour Or Activity Business


Snap-2012-03-07-at-15.30.48It’s no secret that social media is a great way to promote your business – or should we say place  to promote your business - because that’s where your customers are ; social networks are their virtual hangouts. The problem is making sure you do it right. First of all, you need to commit to developing a sound understanding of: How best to leverage the social network according to how it is being used . There wouldn’t be this many [...]

The Benefits of Social Media for Your Business


why-google-is-in-bed-with-social-mediaIf you think you should be getting on the social media wagon because everyone else is you’re wrong. The reason why you should be getting savvy with social media is because using social media effectively can really help you to achieve your business goals. What sorts of things can social media help you to achieve? Everything from better customer service to that all-important search engine optimisation. The five big benefits of social media for businesses: Social media as a [...]

Blog Topic Ideas – Social Media Content Strategy for a Large B2B Company


ROI-Guy-233x300We were wrapping up the current phase of a corporate communications strategy planning effort for a large B2B company and discussing our client’s social media content strategy . The topic was the how / when / why the company should be creating social media content more actively. One topic of the social media strategy discussion involved, as it typically does, achieving the right balance of blog topic ideas that are both interesting to customers and prospects while having natural, [...]

When It Comes To Content Strategy, It’s Better To Think About Spreadability Than Stickiness


3005264-poster-1280-when-it-comes-content-strategy-spreadable-new-stickyA few years back, a client came to my agency with a desire to show its “thought leadership” online. A key executive there was a credible source on healthy living, and the company wanted to find ways for him to share his expertise online. We considered the question from the audience’s eyes, thinking about the company’s content in relation to other online communities and destinations online focused on the same subject, and considering as a goal seeing audiences sharing [...]