How to Understand Your Facebook Page Update Email


Facebook-Like-MetricsBusiness owners who manage one or more Facebook Pages have a tremendous assest that you may be ignoring: your weekly Facebook Page Update email. Each week, Facebook automatically sends you an email that summarizes your Facebook Page activity for the previous week. A successful social media presence and strategy requires far more metrics and insight than what is included in this email, but understanding what Facebook is telling you is an excellent start for small business ownes who wish [...]

Marketers React to Facebook Integration Limits


fbBuffer One of the early and more promising concepts of social media – the reciprocal flow of data between services – is running against increased resistance. The latest feud over user data comes from Facebook, which recently cut off access to its friends lists on apps like Twitter’s new photo-sharing Vine app. Vine users will have to find their friends without the aid of Facebook, just as Twitter users now have to tap or click on Instagram links in [...]

How to Create & Analyze Valuable Facebook Reports


03-facebook-report-advertising-performance-pivot-table-settings-calculated-fieldA huge part of mastering Facebook Ads is mastering Facebook ads reporting and analysis, and being able to do so quickly. Facebook users log on a lot and spend a significant amount of time each session, which means lots of ad impressions, translating to very big (impressions) numbers and very small (CTR) numbers for Facebook advertisers. Here we explore the different types of Facebook reports to identify key data in a sea of numbers, what type(s) of ads each [...]