Designing Your Content Plan to Speak to the C-Suite

c-suite sales The elusive C-suite sale. Marketers spend large amounts of time and energy digging deep into their demand generation toolkits to access executives and try to get them to buy, only to find themselves facing silence, disinterest or, at best, a pass-off to their team. But for large-scale B2B sales in particular, it’s critical to create a content plan and engagement strategy to break through to this lucrative and powerful buyer.  The executive challenge revisited First, let’s go [...]

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4 Simple Steps To Building A Dynamic Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing is all the rage in marketing, but social media platforms now number in the hundreds. So, what’s a small business owner to do? If you’re strapped for cash or just ready to get it over with already, the good news is that it’s quite possible to DIY a dynamic social media strategy without a degree in technology. You’ve just go to give it time, energy, and the old college try with these four simple steps: Feed [...]


How to Understand Your Facebook Page Update Email

Business owners who manage one or more Facebook Pages have a tremendous assest that you may be ignoring: your weekly Facebook Page Update email. Each week, Facebook automatically sends you an email that summarizes your Facebook Page activity for the previous week. A successful social media presence and strategy requires far more metrics and insight than what is included in this email, but understanding what Facebook is telling you is an excellent start for small business ownes who wish [...]

Two Surprising Keys to Build Trust and Drive Sales Through Social Media

In a world where information continues to explode, people still trust people. In fact, research from Edelman and Nielsen continue to show that people are more likely to trust information from an organization’s employee or from someone they perceive to be like themselves, than from an organization’s official communicators, web site or sponsored content.   If your content marketing plans do not include some level of empowering employees to publish in social media, you may be missing a huge [...]

7 Important Rules of Conduct When Using Google+

In just a few short years Google+ has grown to be the second most used social networking site in the world. This fact won’t surprise those who use it; it’s easy to get the hang of, intuitive, powerful, and entertaining. It was designed to integrate flawlessly with all other Google services (Google Docs, Gmail, Android, etc.), includes improved privacy features, and has more natural ways to manage relationship circles (you won’t find any ‘friend requests’ here). Perhaps best of [...]


Tips for using Vine without getting tangled up in a lawsuit.

vineBy Kerry Gorgone, Contributing {grow} Columnist Six seconds (or six and a half, for the purists among us) hardly seems long enough to convey anything of substance, and yet  Vine — Twitter’s new video sharing service — is catching on fast. Maybe it’s not surprising. Six seconds of Super Bowl advertising time would cost $800,000, so clearly time is valuable! For those who haven’t tried it yet, Vine enables users to capture six seconds of live video (uploading from [...]

4 Ways to Create a Content Strategy You and Your Customers will Love

Screen-Shot-2013-01-30-at-11_53_14-PMContent marketing may not be as difficult as physics or heart surgery but there is still certain layers of complexity that need to be considered. If you want your blog posts, infographics or videos to go viral, you have to first develop a content strategy and then commit to monitoring and optimizing your content instead of making decisions solely based on gut instinct or assumption. After six or seven years of being a blogger, I’ve learned a thing or two about [...]

Content Strategy

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B2B Social Media: Building a Cohesive Strategy

Social media strategy for B2Bs doesn’t start or stop with just having a Facebook or Twitter account. Real business strategy executed through social can pay dividends beyond just the engagement factor, to business, brand, and human impact. This was the topic of the B2B social media strategy session at SES San Francisco 2013. B2B Versus B2C Versus Humans Relationships are between people and not businesses, said session speaker Rebecca Tann ( @rebeccatann ) of Regus. So humanize your brand, [...]

Your Content Marketing Needs A Strategy

Yes – Your Content Marketing Needs a Strategy! You may have heard the news… content is king ! Oh wait, that isn’t really news is it?  So why all the hustle and bustle around content these days?  A couple of hard pressing reasons including 1) your customers demand it, 2) it is an essential part of your brand experience, and 3) it can be one of the most effective tools in your arsenal to build brand loyalty. Creating content [...]

Content Planning: Time Your Content & Organize By Topic

Playing “catch up” with your content usually results in content that lacks focus, repeats what’s already been said, and engages no one. Content planning requires scheduling by time and topic. Here are some ways to avoid catch up content and produce something truly worthy of your company. Do Your Research Read through industry association newsletters, news sites, competitor sites, forums and blog posts. Focus on the questions being asked. In a post published on Fast Company’s Co.Exist page these [...]